Sometimes we climb mountains to boast, and sometimes it’s to find value in ourselves. Solo trips can be the best.
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Harry Styles, WWA San Antonio. September 21, 2014

swoonin’ all night y’all. yippeeee
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~   Susan Cain (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

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Wouldn’t mind a weekend here. Or a year.
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Gorgeous Puffin in Bloom editions illustrated by Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Company! Beautiful artwork on those endpapers and cover, plus special bonus materials at the end of each book. Including, of course, a recipe for raspberry cordial.

We’re giving away a complete set of four to one lucky person who completes our MG/YA classics challenge this year!

Photographs by The Midnight Garden.

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~   Virginia Woolf, Diaries Volume One 1915-1919 (via larmoyante)


Couples dancing in the Grand Foyer of the Paris Opera House at the Victory Ball. May, 1946.

Question:Can you still get FOMO even if you know that it happened in 1946?
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